First book to be published!

I am happy to say that I have written a novella that will be published before Christmas. It is a Christmas theme contemporary romance. My plan is to write more, so I would love to offer the opportunity to join my Advance reader Team.

I will be writing books in the romance, fantasy, young-adult and new-adult category. If you would like to receive an Advanced Readers Copy (ARC), all you have to do is write a review when a book goes live.

Joining my team I will give you a blurb of the book, the genre and length. At that time if you do not want to review it or you can't, just let me know. Once the book is read and you have written a review, just send me the link to review future books.

If you have any feedback at all for my story or notice any errors, do not hesitate to let me know.

Does this sound like something you would like? Then click the link below, I would love to have you join my team!

I will never send you anything else besides ARCs.

Join my ARC team!

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