Win a GC or Nicholas Sparks Books! By: Eileen Cruz

As an avid reader, I am subscribed to a lot of authors. Due to this when a good giveaway comes up I ask to post it when possible. As such here is one the lovely Eileen Cruz allowed me to share.

To Enter to win, Click the link below!


This raffle is to either win a $20 Gift card for international contestants or Your choice of two Nicholas Sparks Books!

This raffle is going on due to her release of the book Haven on the Riverwalk, which went live a couple nights ago on amazon. If you have not read the book, I will attach a link to it, as well as a link to the author.

"When quite by accident, Maggie finds herself stuck in the small riverside town of Solomon's Island, Maryland, she determines to start a new life where no one knows who she is and where she can bury her past and also hide from the danger that is threatening to find her. She meets handsome and charming bike repair shop owner, Dustin, who she tries to resist. Though Maggie's dark past and secrets haunt her every day, she starts to let her guard down and she not only finds herself in a whirlwind romance with Dustin, she also begins to fall in love with the small town of Solomon's and its people. Just when Maggie begins to feel safe, her past catches up with her and she must choose between being brave and fighting for her new life or surrendering to the danger that has found her. Haven on the Riverwalk is perfect for fans of Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks."

Does this sound like something you want to read??

Well then, go on and check it out!

Click here to check out the book!

Want to check out more from this author, Go on then!

Click here to go to the Authors facebook page!

Go to her facebook page to win a $10 Gift Card!!

Happy Reading & Don't forget to subscribe! :)

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